Photos From the Jan. 2017 Women’s March on Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (Jan. 22, 2017) — The Women’s March on Philadelphia drew more than 50,000 protestors just 24 hours after real estate billionaire Donald Trump was sworn into office. Marchers packed the Benjamin Franklin Parkway should-to-shoulder from the Eakins Oval at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to Logan Square not far from City Hall.  The demonstrators railed at the campaign rhetoric and promised policy changes of the man who boasted on camera that his celebrity status frequently enabled him to grab the genitals of random women he encountered.

The march was one of dozens in major cities across the country where more than a million people poured into the streets to protest Trump’s ascent to the White House — an event more marchers perceived to herald a coming wave of legislation, regulator and other types of assaults on women’s rights. This is what the day looked like. Click any image to enlarge.

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